The different rentals for a glamping experience in France

Glamping is a booming type of accommodation in camping villages in France. Across France, in the most beautiful French regions, more and more campsites are offering a glamping in France experience. A priori, these are unusual accommodations, installed in a wooded park, for a real immersion in the heart of nature. Sometimes perched on trees or at the edge of a stream. To change from common accommodation such as the traditional mobile home, treat yourself to a night in glamping, sleeping in one of the following rentals.

The Lodge

Commonly known as a lodge tent, this type of accommodation is a tent equipped with a parquet floor and a wooden structure covered with canvas. Also called canvas bungalow, the lodge is the construction par excellence for glamping in France. Moreover, it is often reserved for a high-end clientele, looking for adventure and new sensations.

The tree house

At the CosyCamping campsite, the cabin in the trees is called a "Tree house", given its location on the heights of the trees. It is a Premium rental, equipped with optimal comfort, a few meters from the ground. To access it, the cabin has a staircase. This unusual rental has the advantage of offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Ideal for an unusual weekend, the perched cabin is perfect for your romantic glamping in France.

The trailer

For a long time, trailers have been imbued with superstitions and beliefs, which is why trailers are considered unusual accommodation steeped in history. In destinations in the countryside, the trailer allows you to experience camping differently. It seduces in particular for its charm and its atypical side. During your stay, adopt the house of the Gypsies for your glamping in France.

Le dôme

Generally laid out in the forest or near a river, the dome is an original location that is characterized by its singular shape, hence the name "dome". Such is a bubble, it allows you to live a unique glamping experience in the middle of the woods. Combining the experience of freedom and rejuvenation, this atypical rental inspires you to reconnect with yourself and with the essentials, in simplicity and comfort. The most prestigious are equipped with a jacuzzi and a private terrace, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. Quite simply, the glamping in France to be preferred for complete immersion.

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